Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Wrap Up

It’s time for the 2017 wrap up and a new net worth update. To start, let’s go over my goals set for 2017.

Original 2017 Goals

Pay off $14,000 in debt.   - Exceeded
Save $700 for a vacation. - Saved the cash, but overspent and ended up spending $870 for the trip
Save $800 in my auto account.  - Missed this target. Moved over money and cash-flowed any maintenance. I keep thinking that if I can get more debt paid off it will be easier to save money for a new car in full.

Home Stretch Goals

Pay off all Plus Loans - completed 12/11/17
Be at 50% of debt paid off - completed
Pay off $20,000 for 2017 - completed 12/27/17

These stretch goals helped keep me pushing during November and December. I had already passed my original goals and wanted to take it a step farther.

I’ve ended 2017 at a networth of  -$24,794.08.  I could be positive next year!

Alright, so 2018 is about keeping it up while also pushing towards the long term goal.

2018 Goals

Exceed 2017 for debt paid off - This will be a challenge because I am not expecting any increases, bonus is not likely due to the overall company performance, and I will  have to start paying for health insurance.

Begin the Debt Snowball method -  I’m starting to get bored/antsy.  I am vacillating between knowing I can pay off my car this year or knock out a lot of my smaller Fed Loans. Whatever I pay off and to which loans may not matter much in the long run.

Save $1,000 for a Vacation - I’m considering a trip with my little sister and will either save the cash or cash flow it. Either way no credit cards for this trip.

Cash flow for anticipated upcoming medical bills and car maintenance.

New Long Term Goal

Be debt free by May 2019, which is 5 years after college graduation.

At first, I didn’t think I could get it done this quickly. The May 2019 will be ambitious, but plausible.

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